Join us to celebrate 60th Birthday Party - Kalani and Kaimuki Class of '75

October 7, 2017  -  Birthday Party at the California Hotel in LAS VEGAS

Scavenger Hunt List...
October 6, 2017

Pair of Dice  
Team pic with largest Gold Nugget
3 Mardi Gras Beads
matchbook/sticks with casino or restaurant Logo
Business card from a casino Pit Boss
Picture of a Bride & Groom
Sportbook ticket
A Casino logo pen
Group picture with Elvis Impersonator
2 different Porn Slapper card
A condiment packet
Nail clippers
A $1 Poker chip from 3 different Casino
Receipt from a Honolulu Establishment
Coin Bucket from 3 different Casino
A wine cork
Name tag
Casino logo Pen
A Condiment Packet

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