Join us to celebrate 60th Birthday Party - Kalani and Kaimuki Class of '75

October 7, 2017  -  Birthday Party at the California Hotel in LAS VEGAS

  Heavy pupus, No host bar

Who's Coming...

March 7th from:  Janice Edgerton (Yee)

Just to let you know that our Kaimuki/ Kalani group of friends will be attending this "Fabulous 60th Birthday Bash" and we really appreciate all of your planning.  So far from our Kaimuki group, we have Natalie, Michele, Monica, and I attending.  We will be making our own hotel reservations.

March 15 from:  Janice Edgerton (Yee) 
Please include JoAnn Tamai Okamoto and Debbie Leong Kashiwabara.  We will all be attending the banquet but unsure of the other events.

April 7th from:  Gene Smith
Nice website, good job. The only thing I would like to have added is a list of people planning to attend. Aside from that, looks good.

*Hi Gene, Thanks for your input. We'll be updating the list of classmates who may attend within the coming weeks and post it in our webpage.  The Reunion Committee

April 20th from: Karen Nakashima 
Woo hoo, we're booked!!

April 20th from: Coryn Masaki Tanaka 
Sherry Oshiro
and Leslie Oshiro and me booked just waiting for Celeste Ma'ele Kelii Lacuesta

April 21st from: Coryn Masaki Tanaka
Chris Watanabe (Vegas Committee) and Denise Kim from Kalani booked also last week
Doreen (Kuratsu) Imamura booked

Scott Ichiyama booked

May 23rd from: Susan (Ishihara) Legros
Aloha... Is california hotel set up yet. Can we book our room.  Mahalo, Susie

*Yes, I'll send you updated information this afternoon.    

May 5th from:  Gene Smith                                                                                                                                                              My wife, Beth Luchini, and I are planning on attending in Vegas. See you all there!

  August 8th from:  Greg Kuwazaki                                                                                                                                                  Yes, booked the package with Vacations Hawaii.  Also booked are Clint Kushimaejo, his wife Debbie and Norman Morinaga. Garret Fujita will be making his own arrangements.  Looking forward to both the September and October events.

  August 8th  from:  Leslie Oshiro                                                                                                                                                     Hi Greg, Sherry Oshiro, Ron Hashiro and I are on that flight.                                                                                                      Another exciting year of events for us Bulldogs!!  

August 30th from:  Reunion Committee                                                                                                                                       The numbers are rising, confirmations for us Bulldogs attending Vegas Bash:

Nadine Kaneshiro, Alvina Mar and Husband Derek, Debra Leong Kashiwabara, Janice Yee Edgerton, Gene Smith and Wife Beth Luchini, Michele Inouye Kirio, Sherry Oshiro, Coryn Masaki Tanaka and Husband Randy, Doreen Kuratsu Imamura and Husband Gary, Leslie Oshiro and Isaac Horiuchi, Ron Hashiro, Greg Kuwazaki, Joann Tamai Okamoto, Clint Kushimaejo, Scott Ichiyama, and Karen Nakashima.

Still waiting for:                                                                                                                                                                              Garret Fujita, Alvin Matsuura, Mona Kashinoki Freitas, Susan Ishihara LeGros, Chuck LeGros, Celeste Lacaden Lacuesta and Husband Roger, Wendell Chong and a handful of others.

August 31st from:  Reunion Committee                                                                                                                                                             So far total combined payments in for Kaimuki Bulldogs and Kalani Falcons is 43 and rising.  Yay!!

Thanks for your inquiries and looking forward to a great Birthday Vegas Bash!!   
Best regards, The Reunion Committee

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